Shenzhen Dongjiehang Trade Co., LTD. is a Hong Kong Dongjiehang (holding) a subsidiary of the holding company, in February 2011 formally established. Company's main famous children's wear brand and the production and sale of the infant child food brand, business is given priority to with the asia-pacific region, the retail chain and joined chains and other advanced marketing mode to expand the market. In China, Hong Kong and shantou, the company set up production bases in direct investment or holding way, sector ANKE MONKEY brand children's wear and children's wear brand, with first-class design, advanced technology, excellent quality, sincere service to win the majority of consumer recognition and trust.

       WZSTD is Shenzhen Dongjiehang Trade Co., LTD., to create fashionable children's wear brand chain business image, have been in mainland China, Hong Kong and European and American countries to obtain the registration. Shenzhen Dongjiehang Trade Co., LTD., through the planning as a whole, the ANKE MONKEY and create famous children's wear brand converge in wuzhishan, heaven and earth clothing consumers located in 3 to 12 years old children, novel styles, good quality, fashion and leisure, reasonable prices, followed by Hong Kong and Europe and the United States children's clothing popular wind direction, according to the characteristics of the Chinese children's clothing and optimizing the various differences of the north and the south area, especially emphasizes children's healthy personality, lively and lovely, to our customers and support. Company in Beijing, Shanghai, dalian, chengdu, wuhan, suzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, xiamen and many other large and medium-sized cities set up offices, own stores and franchisees, counters, such as agents, distributors, marketing network all over the country. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and Australia countries, has become one of the major brands, local children's wear market market impact is growing. Due to the need of development, the company has established factories and warehouses in shantou gin garden industrial zone, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, supporting facilities is perfect, the function is all ready, to further improve the level of the company's production and warehouse logistics management level, etc.